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Getting A Personal Trainer Can Make ALL The Difference.

Personal Trainer Adelaide - Getting a personal trainer can make all the difference.


How is your latest at getting getting healthy at the gym or on your own?

If you are failing to motivate and push yourself towards real results, maybe it’s time to consider engaging a personal trainer.

Get a trainer and to work with your trainer on a longer term basis. It will make all the difference betweengiving up and seeing great results.

Below are 10 pointers to help you succeed:

1. Get a coach/PT that you trust, listen to what they say and stick to the plan you develop together.

2. Look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself that you are going to achieve your fitness goals.

3. Know that even if you go to the gym everyday of the week, you cant out train a crappy lifestyle. If you want a massive change, you have to invest massive effort.

4. Know that you will have good and bad days, but any exercise is better than none.

5. Know that the PT you work with is not a miracle  worker. You will still have to do a lot of hard work if you want to make changes to my mind and body.

6. Most of the stuff you see on social media won’t help unless you have someone to hold your accountable. Trust your PT and stick to your fitness plan.

7. Dont believe in a magic cure, or supplement or exercise.

8. NEVER lie to your PT about how much crap you’ve eaten or drank. 🙂 Don’t lie to yourself, it’s just not worth it!

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Why Drink When You Can Exercise?

Personal Trainers Adelaide - Why Drink When You Can Exercise?


Alcohol seems to be the choice of many, when they try to deal with stress. Maybe it provides us with the temporary courage and bravado to cull all our insecurities.

Every year in Australia around 5,500 people die as a direct resort of alcohol consumption and more than 157,000 people are hospitalised.

What happens when we drink?

We tend to sit and become even more sedentary.

Every drink we have contains around 18 grams of sugar per standard drink.

Ok, so add it up, if you have (which i find is fairly normal) four drinks or more a day this adds up to alot of sugar.

Combine that with all the added sitting and intoxication, this is a recipe for a health disaster.

Are you aware that regular consumption leads to an increased chance of contracting a number of forms of cancer. Mouth and throat cancer (26%), breast cancer (16%), also an increase in the chance of stroke by 38%. The list goes on.

We all love a drink, but think about why your drinking, and the consequences of over indulging.

Everything in moderation is the way to go.

Enjoy it but try and and do it sensibly.

Instead of trying to relieve stress by drinking, why not exercise?

Do you know there are extremely simple exercise routines you can learn to de-stress your body? Speak to our personal trainers today for an individualised workout.

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Our Personal Trainers can teach you easy exercises to better your health over time.

At GYMTOYOU we deal with lots of people, its a fact of life, whether your exercising or not that an injury or even wear and tear, might over time cause you some discomfort in your joints.

SO WHAT DO I DO? You may ask.

Most people will head straight to the doctor. The most common response will be”I think you should go for an MRI”, or maybe “Looks like theres some damage to your joint, or something floating around in there” so lets book you in for a scan and then think about an arthroscopy” True in some cases, but before you rush into it, it may be worth trying some  exercise.

I´m not talking about hardcore training (you never know over time that would also  be a great idea),  i´m talking about basic body weight strengthening exercises, that performed under the supervision of a qualified PT and progressed over time, will  help increase the stability  and balance of your joints and give you more functional movement.

We provide quality training, stretching and myofacial release programs, coupled with long term commitment and the support you need to live a pain free life without  scans or the need for surgery.