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Our Personal Trainers can teach you easy exercises to better your health over time.

At GYMTOYOU we deal with lots of people, its a fact of life, whether your exercising or not that an injury or even wear and tear, might over time cause you some discomfort in your joints.

SO WHAT DO I DO? You may ask.

Most people will head straight to the doctor. The most common response will be”I think you should go for an MRI”, or maybe “Looks like theres some damage to your joint, or something floating around in there” so lets book you in for a scan and then think about an arthroscopy” True in some cases, but before you rush into it, it may be worth trying some  exercise.

I´m not talking about hardcore training (you never know over time that would also  be a great idea),  i´m talking about basic body weight strengthening exercises, that performed under the supervision of a qualified PT and progressed over time, will  help increase the stability  and balance of your joints and give you more functional movement.

We provide quality training, stretching and myofacial release programs, coupled with long term commitment and the support you need to live a pain free life without  scans or the need for surgery.