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Why Drink When You Can Exercise?

Personal Trainers Adelaide - Why Drink When You Can Exercise?


Alcohol seems to be the choice of many, when they try to deal with stress. Maybe it provides us with the temporary courage and bravado to cull all our insecurities.

Every year in Australia around 5,500 people die as a direct resort of alcohol consumption and more than 157,000 people are hospitalised.

What happens when we drink?

We tend to sit and become even more sedentary.

Every drink we have contains around 18 grams of sugar per standard drink.

Ok, so add it up, if you have (which i find is fairly normal) four drinks or more a day this adds up to alot of sugar.

Combine that with all the added sitting and intoxication, this is a recipe for a health disaster.

Are you aware that regular consumption leads to an increased chance of contracting a number of forms of cancer. Mouth and throat cancer (26%), breast cancer (16%), also an increase in the chance of stroke by 38%. The list goes on.

We all love a drink, but think about why your drinking, and the consequences of over indulging.

Everything in moderation is the way to go.

Enjoy it but try and and do it sensibly.

Instead of trying to relieve stress by drinking, why not exercise?

Do you know there are extremely simple exercise routines you can learn to de-stress your body? Speak to our personal trainers today for an individualised workout.